The Sustainable Foods Summit is coming to Asia!

The premier Asia-Pacific edition of this executive summit will focus on Organic market potential, Marketing best-practices, Food fraud & authenticity, and Food ingredients. Hosted in Singapore on 28-30th November 2017, the Sustainable Foods Summit comprises four dedicated sessions and a training workshop…

Session 1: Sustainability Developments
– Importance of sustainable foods
– Soil and sustainable agriculture
– Sustainable seafood outlook
– Measuring environmental impacts
– Sustainability in practice: Bhutan case study
– Retailing for sustainability

Session 2: Organic Market Potential
– Global organic products market update
– Targeting the Chinese market
– Building an organic enterprise
– Developing local markets
– Understanding the organic consumer

Session 3: Marketing Best-Practices
– Opportunities in organic baby food market
– Reducing packaging impacts
– Marketing success stories
– Insights into ethical consumerism
– Encouraging responsible consumption

Session 4: Sustainable Ingredients
– Reversing monoculture with ancient grains
– Advances in natural sweeteners
– Fragrances for sustainability
– Adding social value to commodities
– Sustainable palm oil update
– Innovating with sustainable ingredients

Workshop: Food Fraud & Authenticity


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