No More Monkey-Harvesting Coconuts from Green Net

[Bangkok, 12 Jan 24] Green Net Cooperative has achieved having organic fair-trade coconuts without monkey harvest before the plan of 30th June 2024. Now we can confirm we are 100% no monkey harvest since 1st January 2024, six months ahead of the schedule. This achievement is based on the work of internal control system (ICS), an internal audit, recognized by organic and fair-trade certification worldwide as documented quality assurance system. In addition, we are also joining the monkey-free plus scheme of the Thai Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative who has and will do direct individual farm audit of all our coconut-growing members.

Green Net initiated the no-monkey policy in January 2021 in responses to consumers’ concerns of wildlife protection. The policy became effective in June 2021 after consultations with our producers. From the consultations, we reached agreement with members to have 3 year phasing programme so to minimize impacts on our small-scale producers and to provide financial compensations to members to cut their tall coconut trees (those using monkey to harvest).

VDO of coconut-harvesting without monkey [link]