Essential Oil: Small-scale production and equipment course

Learn step-by-step how to extract essenial oil with local farmers, using simple technology and equipments

Date and Venue: 20- 23 November at Wanakaset, Sanam Chaikhet, Chachoengsao

Languages: Thai and English

Key Instructor: wanakaset farmer member and regular distiller Yai will explain about his 3 different sets of distillation equipment and those joining will go through the whole process from material preparation to distillation for 3 very different materials,

Planned materials: Plai (cassumanar ginger), Citronella, and Chinese Cinnamon

Cost: 6500 THB or 200 USD per person-  include food, simple lodging, preparations, instruction, and interpretation from afternoon of 20th to afternoon of 23rd.

Contact:  michael @

Intended Schedule:

Day 1 (20 Nov)- Participants to arrive to Wanakaset by late afternoon. (2 hours from Bangkok roughly) Dinner and get to know each other.

Day 2- (21 Nov) See, study, discuss equipment- different models (3 models of different sizes) Afternoon- prep materials and equipment. Plan is to work with 3 very different materials that we can source local. Plai (cassumanar ginger), Citronella, and Chinese Cinnamon

Start boiling distillation of unit 1- led by expert with clear step by step explanation. This unit will operate and need monitoring throughout night- but can be just visited periodically- and still continue next day.

Day 3 (22 Nov) morning- Participants in 2 small teams- lead start up and operation of units 2 and 3 (under expert guidance) but must take responsibility for process. Operation should continue until morning of Day 4

Day 4- morning (23 Nov)- all distillation should end- now look. learn and discuss products – essential oil, distilled herbal waters and their bottling, uses, values, etc.
Discuss practices, answer questions, share contacts for continuing learning and collaboration. Share small amounts of products with each participant.

Evaluation and conclusion (by 3 pm)