Training course: Wanakaset- Self-Reliance through Biodiversity and Knowledge Management

Wanakaset, a word which translates directly as “forest agriculture”, is both the name of a farm and of a network of farms and farmers in Thailand. But it also refers to a farming concept which goes beyond agricultural production to look at self-reliance and the relationship between man and his natural environment and resources.

This one-week course is focused on the Wanakaset concept and practice developed by Pooyai Viboon Kemchalerm and is being applied by many organic farmers in the Wanakaset network.

In this one week course we will cover:
+ The principles of the wanakaset organic agroforestry system
+ Seeing this as applied in different stages and contexts, both at the Wanakaset learning center and with farmer practitioners in the Wanakaset network
+ Observing natural forest eco-systems
+ Some identification of plants and how they can be used for food, medicine, household goods, soil fertility, biopesticides, etc.
+ How to make a number of natural products such as  virgin coconut oil, charcoal (and wood vinegar), natural shampoo from kaffir limes, natural toothpowder, natural soap, natural medicines from herbs, such as herbal balms or herbal healing oils, distillation of essential oils


The course will be held at Wanakaset Learning Center, Sanam Chaikhet, Chachoengsao, Thailand duing 20-26 November, 2011.


For more information, you can download the brochure at [pdf 1.59 MB].