Public and Private Orgaizations Committed to set up national PGS Federation in Thailand

[4 Dec 17, Bangkok] In the meeting of over 10 organic PGS supporting orgnaization in Thailand (e.g. Thai Organic Agriculture Foundation, Thai PGS Organic Plus Network, Food for Friend Network, Natural Agriculture Foundation, Sufficient Economy Institute, Thai Farmer Council, Lemon Farm, and Green Net) and concerned government agecies, a motion was passed to jointly establish “Thai PGS Federation” to further strengthen and gain recognition of Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in the country.

The meeting on 4 Dec was the fourth meetings, the first one was held in mid 2017. Several of these organizations have been actively supporting local organic agriculture and PGS. The group came to a realization that there was a need to set up a criteria for PGS in Thailand so that local PGS group could make a reference when they are developing their PGS. This national criteria would help to make the Thai PGS more credible and can be recognized by consumers as well as by government agencies.

The meeting had also explored the needs and benefits of having a unified seal for Thai PGS but they could not come to an agreement at this meeting. The common seal is to be discussed in the next meeting.v