Where to find organic products and health foods
Don’t get mixed up between the two. Most Thais get mixed-up between organic and health food. Health food products here in Thailand refer to farm produce grown in the conventional way but with restrictive use of agro-chemicals. Some of them may go as far as not using any synthetic pesticides and only use some chemical fertilizers. There are different labeling schemes for this kind of product. Health food products also include nutritional foods like sesame, beans, herb teas, etc.

Organic in Shops & Supermarkets

Health foods can be founds in many health shops and supermarkets throughout Thailand. But organic foods are more limited and found in variety only in shops with a dedication to organic products. The following are the list of the shops and supermarkets known to carry organic foods. We give a rating to indicate the comparative range of organic products the shop carries.

Shop Location Organic Range
Villa Market
9 branches around Sukhumvit and Ploenchit areas, Bangkok
Lemon Farm
7 branches in Bangkok
Sukhumvit, Bangkok Phrom Prom Skytrain Station
Thai Sabai Shop
Huay-kwang, Bangkok
Siam Paragon
Ploenchit, Bangkok at Siam Interchange Station
Tops Supermarket
Several locations in Bangkok and all major cities in Thailand
For best choice go to larger markets such as Central Chitlom and Central World Tops Food Hall Tops Marketplace and Tops Food
Regular supermarkets Low
Pathumwan, Bangkok
Rimping Supermarket
4 branches in Chiang Mai
Gloden Place
Several branches, but 2 outstanding ones are Rama 9 branch, Bangkok and Hua Hin Branch, Prajuab Kirikhan
Some Lotus Express braches in Bangkok area
Some Branches in Bangkok Area
Ban Khaw Klong
Pracha-Utit, Bangkok
Puuk Pak
Siriraj Piers
Khaw Klong
Piyalom Place, Sukhumvit 101/1
Thanya Pued
9/269 Thanon Phutabhucha off Rama 2
Regent House Buliding, Rachadamri Rd.
02 651-9779
Koh Phangan, Surat Thani
077 238 573
Vithi Thai Vithi Thammachat
Sri Racha, Chonburi
038 324 749
Green Line
Seri Center, Sri Nakarin Rd.
02 746 0216
Dee Jai Organic
Wong Wian Yai
02 439 2100
TOPS (home delivery)
Delivery to Bangkok and Surrounding area
02 439 4848

Few = less than 20 items
Moderate = 20 – 100 items
Good = 100 – 200 items
Excellent >= 200 itmes


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Organic Farmers’ Market & Community Support Agriculture (CSA)

Chiang Mai has organic farmers’ markets run by ISAC held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at JJ Market, Chiang Mai. They also organize a few other smaller farmers’ markets in the area.

Surin has a weekly Green Market where organic farmers sell directly on Saturday mornings, Suan Rak Park. Organized by Surin Farmers’ Support. For more info contact Ms. Nok at 081 718 4220.

Yasothorn now has an organic farmers’ market on Saturday mornings from 6- 11am by the big clock

There is a CSA scheme that provides delivery of organic foods to limited areas around Bangkok for its members. Contact Mrs. Jane at 081 981 8581 for more information.

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Restaurants and resorts offering organic foods

There are very few organic restaurants and resorts that offer organic foods.

The most well-known one is Anothai Restaurant near Rama 9 Hospital. The Anothai Restaurant is owned and run by Khun Anothai and Kan of the Thai Organic Food Farm, Rai Puk Rak in Thai language (www.thaiorganicfood.com). The Restaurant offers vegetarian foods only. The are planning on opening a Chiang Mai branch as well.

Another organic food restaurant is Pun Pun Restaurant in Chiang Mai. Located at Wat Suan Dok Temple, Pun Pun Restaurant is run by Pun Pun group, a group of dedicated farmers and activists wishing to practice a simple and sustainable lifestyle. This Restaurant also offer vegetarian foods only.

Khaokho Talaypu Resort in Petchabun province is a hotel resort with own organic farm. Organic foods are offered in the resort as well as Thai Sabai Shop in Bangkok, the subsidiary shop of the Khaokho Talaypu Resort. These foods are vegetarian as well. Tel 02- 246 1397 or 056 750 061 wwe.khaokhonaturalfarm.com

Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok and Chiva-som resort in Hua Hin buy organic ingredients for their restaurants.

If you are a market, restaurant, resort, etc with a dedication to organic products, please let us know more about you and we may add you to this list. Please also let us know if any information has changed or is inaccurate.

Thank you.

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