Three Dimensions of Fair Trade: The Analysis of Financial, Social, and Environmental Objectives of Fair Trade in Organic Rice
Author:  Nuntana Udomkit
Publishing:  University of Bath
Published Date:  2002

This is a PhD thesis. This reserach adopts a comparative approach, comparing conventional trade to fair trade. Rice trade is the case study. The practice of fair trade was appraised using the results of field work in the North East of Thailand. There are two main layers of analysis. First, it aims to understand the trade systems. Maps of trade networks are drawn and then compared according to physical, social, and finacial factors. Second, it examines the effects of fair trade on producers, and to wht extent fair trade can make a contribution to the sustainable livelihoods of farmers.

Book type:  thesis
Pages:  325
Categories:  แฟร์เทรด