Be a conscious organic/ fair trade consumer and buy Green Net products

In Thailand our products are available at Tops Food Halls/ Supermarkets, Villa Market, and a number of smaller green shops.  Our organic rice and coconut milk is distributed in many countries in Europe by fair trade organizations including: GEPA (Germany), CTM (Italy), Oxfam (Belgium), Claro (Switzerland), EZA (Austria), in New Zealand by Trade Aid.  Positive active consumer habits, choosing to buy products that support a healthy environment and society, and working to reduce energy usage and waste generation, even when they don’t directly link to Green Net farmers, make a difference in our world.


While Green Net Cooperative is a functioning economically viable cooperative, Earth Net Foundation is a non-profit organization. Funds to support the organization and its activities are always welcome. In addition if an in kind donation is preferred, we would be happy to work with you to find identify what would be most useful for us. A simple in kind donation may be a contribution to our library, which is considered the best library in Thailand on the subjects of organic agriculture and fair trade and is accessible to students and researchers of this subjects. Publications are in Thai and English. We also can work together with businesses and organization to help fund a specific project or a building. We have experience assisting Businesses/ Corporations to develop an effective CSR programme. This is more than just a donation as it means a process of us helping your team to improve the environmental and social impact of its operations and culture, while your organization also reaches out to invest funds and skills in communities to have a positive (longterm) impact.


Green Net is happy to receive volunteers and has regularly received volunteers for many years. Sometimes we have a specific need, check the volunteer positions list to see if there is such an opening. Beyond this (regarding foreign volunteers and interns), we are happy to receive volunteers/ interns with serious interest and commitment and for whom we can find a positive match between skills and needs. Unless the volunteer is quite skilled in Thai, we would expect a minimum commitment of 3 months, as any time less, normally means we spend more effort and resources to receive someone then benefit we receive. If interested to volunteer, intern, etc with us, please contact us with the details of what you are looking to do, what your skills are, etc. We may also have needs at times for short term volunteers to assist with events (such as during trade fairs). In any case, we welcome to hear from you. Perhaps the skill you have to offer will be just what we need not long in the future.

Join our team

You may check to see if we have any current openings. However beyond a specific opening, we as an organization place more value and importance on the quality and commitment of our staff then on a specific need or job.   We normally have more requests for our support as organizations than we can take on. Thus we are willing to invest in new quality and committed staff, even when we don’t have a specific position yet. Thus if you are really seriously interested to work with us, please let us know and send your information. Sometimes in such a case, we may take someone on as a volunteer with benefits and this may evolve into a full time position as the volunteer gains skills and we find a suitable project or opportunity.