Native (Thai) Tomato (large) 5507MTC
มะเขือเทศพื้นบ้าน : Native Tomato big

Variety Characteristics

Productive, large-sized red fruit. Good weight and good taste both for eating fresh and using in cooking


Soil and Climate

Prefers sandy loam soil with good drainage, likes sun, best grown in winter.

Appropriate to grow in open fields, however for those with limited space can be grow in pots with one plant per pot.  Make sure the plants get enough sun if in pots.


Planting Suggestions

Grow seedlings in potting trays.  Once seedlings are 1 month, transplant to the field.  Plant one seedling per hole in rows.  20-25 days after transplanting, prepare a trellis to allow the plants to climb and keep fruit off the ground.  Allow 50 x 60 cms between rows.



Fertilize 2 times, 1st at 40 days and again at 60 days.  Use compost or aged manure. (observe the crop to see if enough fertility if not may fertilize again) When watering, should water evenly in the right amount, not leaving them dry or over watering (observe the planting soil).


Pests and Diseases

No diseases observed, but some insects will bite the fruits if the fruit touch the ground.  The best treatment is prevention by making a trellis and thus keeping the fruits off the ground.



From 115- 120  days can start harvesting


Seed Saving

Once the plants are about 115-120 days the plant will begin to have ripe fruits. Harvest ripe red fruit and let the further ripen another 3-5 days in the shade. Cut the fruits to remove the seed pulp and let this sit another 1-2 days and then clean the seed (rinsing) to remove all of the gel  (If not all of the gel is removed the seed may easily become mouldy.)   Seeds that fall to the bottom of the container they are rinsed in are good seeds.  Pour the seeds on a screen and then wash them again.  Then put them in the shade to dry off a bit before sundrying the seeds another 2-3 days.  Put the seeds back in the shade to cool off.   They may then gradually be packed in paper bags.  Bags should be marked with the name of the variety, day, month, and year of harvest.  Fold this paper bag and put into a plastic bag.  Keep in the refrigerator for better longterm germination and minimal seed respiration.  If so stored, can keep for over 2 years.