Hairy Basil 5510MTC
แมงลัก : hairy basil

Variety Characteristics  (Also known as Thai lemon basil)

This is an annual with light green leaves, good taste, easy to grow and care for.  Can be grown from seed or stalks.  (Typical Thai seasoning herb)


Soil and Climate

Best grown in sandy loam soil.  Easy to care for.  Likes sun.  Can be grown all year round.


Planting Suggestions

Can seed directly in the plot or first in potting trays.  If grown in potting trays, transplant at 30 days, one seedling per hole, spacing 50cm / 50cm between rows.


Fertilize 2 times, 1st at 40 days and again at 60 days (will begin flowering).  Use compost or aged manure. (observe the crop to see if enough fertility if not may fertilize again) When watering, should water evenly in the right amount, not leaving them dry or over watering (observe the planting soil).


Pests and Diseases

No diseases observed, few pest problems. If any pest problems hand removal is sufficient.



From 50-60  days can start harvesting


Seed Saving

At about 60 days will start flowering.  From then on until 150 days  of age look to see if the seeds which are around the flowering stalk are dry.  If the flowers and stalk are yellow brown and dry, you may harvest the cut (harvest) the seed stalks.  Rub the stalks starting for the tips and going back (this is to shape the seed stalk for easy seed removal).  Dry the stalks in the sun 3-4 days to be fully dry.  Then take the dry stalks and shake and rub them in a sack to remove the seeds.  Then take the seeds use a paper to fan away foreign matter and dust.  Then use a fine meshed screen to sort out the seeds.  Keep in a paper bag marked with the name of the variety, day, month, and year of harvest.  Fold this paper bag and put into a plastic bag.  Keep in the refrigerator for better longterm germination and minimal seed respiration.  If so stored, can keep for over 2 years.