Trois Amis Organic Wholegrain Rice

Trois Amis Organic Wholegrain Rice

Wholegrain 3-colored rice is a mixture of 3 choice wholegrain rice varieties: Hom Mali (Thai Jasmine) Red Hom Mali (Red Jasmine) and Hom Nin (Fragrent Magenta). This rice blend is soft, sweet, pleasantly fragrant and full of vitamins and minerals. As a good source of natural calcium, phospshorus, iron, vitamin A, selenium, and magnesium, this rice may promote healthy function of bodily systems. 3-colored rice is also a good source of dietary fiber and poly sacchaides. These complex sugars are found in plant cell walls and in the outside of wholegrain rice.

Product of: Praw Organic Agriculture Group

Size: 1 kg

Available at: Green Net Cooperative, Tops Supermarket, Villa Market, Rim Ping, Siam Paragon




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